You are central to my creative process. Making something beautiful is an expression of my knowledge, but to share it with you is a gift. Perfecting my craft involves a deep bond with clay. It gives me a sense of place within a world that increasingly makes us feel place less.

I studied at the National College of Art & Design, graduating with a Professional Diploma in Art & Design Education, an MA (Ceramics), and a BA(HONS) 1st class, in Ceramic Design. The Faculty of Education in NCAD invited me back as a visiting lecturer.

My work has been exhibited with the Olivier Cornet
Gallery,  Millcove Gallery, Zozimus Gallery, The Leinster Gallery, The Museum of Irish Art, Ceramics Ireland and Cambridge Open Studios, England. My work was also selected for Sculpture in Context, the RDS Craft Competition and the Irish Contemporary Ceramics
Awards. My work is held in a permanent collection in
the Hanyang Museum, Seoul, Korea, published in 'Irish Ceramics' 2014 and featured in Architecture Now Magazine, as part of The Home & Architectural Show, RDS, Dublin.

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